Geoff is a technical Master of Yoga, learned from over 25+ years of movement-based arts; including influences from traditional and modern Yoga practices, martial arts and biomechanics. What differentiates Geoff is his ability to read energy lines and blend the technical with an intention of creating the energy flow through the body - something that our modern lifestyles highly compromise.

Geoff teaches at the renowned yoga studio Radiantly Alive in Bali and is visiting Austria to celebrate yoga with us at Yoga Villa Steyr.


Nütze diese einmalige Gelegenheit.

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Geoff bietet 3 Masterclasses an:


Asana Lab: Do 24.9. 19.00 - 21.00

Boost your Yoga Practice & Posture.


Yin Special: Fr 25.9. 16.00 - 18.00

Focus on Lymphatic System & Liver.


bitte um Email für Warteliste bzw.

werden ggf. eine weitere Yin Masterclass öffnen.


Immune System: So 27.9. 10.00 - 12.00

 Stress Regulation & Immune Building.

Single Class: € 50,- // Double: € 85,- // Tripple: € 115,-



Das Special kommt ab 5 Teilnehmern zustande.


Anmeldung per Email oder via eversports.


YOGA for STRESS Regulation


IMMUNE Building


The body knows how to look after itself. It self regulates through the Immune System and Stress in a process we call Homeostasis. The Immune System is our line of defence against foreign “invaders” such as bacteria, fungus and virus. In the case of viruses nothing can replace our Immune System - vaccines don’t give us immunity, the body still has to do this by the vaccine (ideally) giving us a less damaging replica of the virus.


Stress is the language of the body - which may sound strange, yet we need stress to survive; it tells us when we’re thirsty and need to drink; when we’re tired and need to rest; overheating and need to cool down; and, so much more. When the mind and body have been conditioned to ignore or maintain stress the Immune System is compromised.


Yoga developed into a system of complete health and wellness in order to ensure that we can identify the body's “language” around stress so we can make informed choices.


Assuming most people have practiced Yoga to at least an understanding level of poses, this session is taking it to the next level of self awareness in the practice.


  • Identify where and how stress shows up, or is stored, in the body

  • How specific activation points increase blood and, SPECIFICALLY, lymphatic flow throughout the body

  • How Bandha and Nadi awareness supports 

Primary take away; know how I’m meant to feel in a pose, rather than what its meant to look like...