Online Rauhnächte Rituals with Geoff

Dec 25th - Jan 6th


There is beauty in stillness and contemplation.

The tradition of Rauhnächte ritualizes this in the period between the lunar and solar calendars.

It goes beyond setting resolutions.


It’s about honoring where we’ve been, where we are and what is yet to come.

It allows us to set intentions and approach them with grace and wisdom.

Something even more relevant in this uncertain time.

From Dec 25th-Jan 6th Geoff provides the template for your personal journey and rituals.


Included are:

  • At the heart of it is the Rauhnächte Journal which will be sent to you as a guide with instruction and inspirations for you to diarise the journey and keep as a guide arising from intuition.
  • Daily practices which align with the theme of the day, which will be recorded so you may choose a time to practice which suits you.
  • An online community forum available for those wanting to connect and discuss or ask questions.

Price, including journal, daily access to mediations and practice plus online access, 97€ (excluding postage).

Online yoga classes will be offered during the same period at a separate cost.

DM Geoff to with your email and postal address.