Retreat (Yoga Alliance certified)


with Geoff Brooks


Enjoy 5+7 days together!

Join us in-person and/or online! 


A period of 12 day and 11 nights between the old lunar calendar and the solar calendar the “Rough Nights” the dark winter and the lost days between time. A time of deep inner reflection and the ability to plan ahead from the stillness.


This “Retreat” is an opportunity for you to take the time and space to reflect upon this last period on time, to give you tools and practices to create a ritual of cleansing and renewal and provide a community which shares and supports your transition into the New Year.

What to expect

Pure Magic & Besinnlichkeit.


Each day will open with a new intention and you will be provided with,
  • a specific purpose and ritual upon which to contemplate, meditate, practice and journal.
  • recipes for nutritional and nurturing digestive support (so the body is able to provide the foundation for renewal)
  • dried Herbal mixtures for smudging

At the heart of this is a yoga practice which allows you to access the magic of the deepest levels of connection and self contemplation, done with a community of people who are on a similar path with the same intention. The level of the yoga is challenging enough to remain present and maintain health benefits, yet accessible for all body types, ability, size or age.


Our Yoga practice will include,

  • A balanced Asana (physical) practice of support and openness 
  • Pranayama (breathwork) which creates a deep sense of self intimacy and connection
  • Mindfulness practices, to ease and focus the mind towards each daily intention


We have 5+7 nights (days) together:

In-person at Yoga Villa Steyr or optional online (pre-recorded videos)
27. - 31.12.
  • Morning Ritual Yoga Practice - Asana, Pranayama
  • Reflection practice - Yin, Pranayama and Mindfulness
25. - 26.12. & 1.1. - 5.1.

The Rauhnächte before and after will be supported with well balanced online material to share there magic throughout the period.

All the details

12 nights of rituals, journaling and practice.


Full package: Enjoy the whole magic.

In person studio class (5 days):

MO, 27.12. - FR, 31.12. 8.00 – 10.00 & 16.00 - 19.00

Complete the magic at home via livestream morning class (7 days):

25. - 26.12. & 1.1. - 5.1. 9.00-10.45

Participation fee: 399€


Light package: Enjoy the magic from home.

Join our morning studio class via livestream (5 days):

MO, 27.12. - FR, 31.12. 8.00 – 10.00 & 16.00 - 19.00

Livestream only morning class (7 days):

25. - 26.12. & 1.1. - 5.1. 9.00-10.45 Uhr every day

Participation fee: 195€


Script (digital) with all the magic included.

Print out optionally available.


Wer: alle Yogis

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

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Wo: Yoga Villa Steyr, Leopold-Werndl-Straße 18, 4400 Steyr

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